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Myfolder Space App will be launched on both the Google Playstore and Apple's iOS AppStore. Details soon..


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About Myfolder

Myfolder Space is an Innovative Company that provides academic dashboard to several University students, researchers and individuals worldwide. Users use services such as Creating CVs, Paraphrasing, Accessing Past questions, dictionary usage, practicing typing skills, white board maker and Artificial Intelligent Assistant.

We believe giving the right tools to students and individuals will nuture and create a great future for everyone.

Myfolder Space, Inc. is a registered Delaware-C Corporation. California, USA.

More about what we do

Imagine you're far away from home, basically your important files, and you need to have access to them. Maybe you're in a hurry and wants to paraphrase your work for a project or research work. Sometimes you find yourself boring but needs to improve your typing skills without the help of anyone, Maybe you need a quick professional CV/Resume for a Job you have applied, Sometimes you have to apply your digital signature on your Important/Official documents, Maybe you have to practice some rough work with a white board.... etc. You can do find solution to all these in a digital folder.


AI Assistant(Ask Dejoe)

Introducing Artificial Intelligence Assistant that solves problems. "Robo Dejoe" is the new feature update you can find on your dashboard, ask it any question and experience the magic. Just do more with your digital folder !

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We provide seamless support to Users facing challenges to ensure unique experience of the digital folder.

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